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Сабвуфер Hertz UNO S 300 S4 Subwoofer

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  • Тип: динамик
  • Типоразмер: 30 см (12")
  • Импеданс: 4Ом
  • Номинальная мощность: до 250Вт
  • Гарантия: 12 месяцев
  • Бренд: Hertz
The 30 cm (12’) S 300 S4 car audio subwoofer, designed to obtain powerful deep bass in any installation, is the last addition to the Uno product range.
Thanks to the efficiency of 89.5 dB, achieved using lightweight materials such as paper for the cone and high density foam for the suspension, the component provides the ability to easily reach high sound pressures in the car compartment.
The exclusive patented V-cone® system ensures maximum stiffness through wide excursions, thus obtaining low undistorted frequencies at high volume.
The S 300 S4 is optimized for both reflex and sealed enclosures. The  resonance frequency is as low as 33 Hz, a particularly low value considering the speaker’s high efficiency. This figure proves the degree of commitment of the Hertz R&D team to the project, aiming at maximizing the output quality and level. A pre-assembled gasket in ABS refines the product’s cosmetics ensuring an appealing look once installed.


Data table

Size mm (in.) 300 (12)
Power Handling - Peak W 1000
Power Handling - Continuous W      250
Impedance Ω 4
Sensitivity dB SPL 89,5
Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 38 (1.5)
Xmax mm 9,1
X-mech mm (in.) ±15,1 (0.59)
Re Ω 3,6
Fs Hz 33
Vas l 82,2
Qts 0,6
Qes 0,65
Qms 7,8
Spl dB 89,5


1. Very high efficiency, superior power handling;
2. V-cone® with pressed paper membrane for maximum lightness;
3. High excursion foam surround combining high sensitivity and deep bass response;
4. Pure copper voice coil, wound on aluminium former, for exceptional thermal and mechanical capacity;
5. FEM refined motor structure employing low-carbon content steel and high-density flux ferrite magnet;
6. Designed to be used in small sealed or reflex box;
7. ABS gasket provided for aesthetically pleasant installation.



  • V-CONE®

    The exponential profile gets very close to the perfect one, providing exceptional dispersion.
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